The Power of Words

From commercial to creative, this collection of scripts, white papers, syllabi, blogs, articles and ad copy represents a diverse range of written work.    {Click thumbnails to read full samples.}


Could Virtual Reality Change the World for the Better? 

Amsterdam-based production company Revolver shares insight gained and lessons learned on pioneering the craft of 360° storytelling.

Living the Freelance Dream in Amsterdam

Despite the romantic notion of sipping coffee at a canal-side café whilst whipping out pages of ad copy for an ever-growing roster of reasonable, high-paying clients (we’re visualizing the “dream” here, folks) the actual experience of freelancing in Amsterdam can feel a bit isolating. But it doesn't have to.

The Art of Shadi Yousefian

Born in Tehren, Iran, where self-expression is a rare privilege, San Francisco based artist Shadi Yousefian’s scratched and mutilated images of dual identity could get her arrested back home. 

Yoko Piece

During a period of depression and exhaustion, Yoko Ono compiled a collection of instructions, drawings, scores and poems for the publication that was, according to Yoko, “like a cure for myself without knowing it."

Ecstatic Radicalism: The Authentic Voice in Beat Art

The Beat Generation was searching for meaning, some marvelous vision of “God.” So they went “on the road,” metaphorically and literally, experimenting with drugs, jazz, religions and mysticism along the way.

Utopia Betrayed: Nazi Projections on Expressionist Art

When Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art) opened in Munich in 1937, the artists included were depicted as demented, deranged, and subhuman. 


New Releases: Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet and Clank are back for another explosive, action-packed sci-fi adventure! 


Emerging Fashion: Oliver Heldon

The grungy, gritty chaos of cheap plastic shoes and rice noodles seems an unlikely stomping ground for an up-and-coming fashion designer, but it is the perfect place for Oliver Helden.

LoveLand Stop Time: Capturing Brazilian Love Motels

Dutch duo Vera Van de Sandt and Jur Oster spent two years documenting Brazil’s infamous pay-by-the-hour motels, gathering images and stories for this provocative publication.

Travel Picks: The Eiffel Tower

Stunning by day and glittering by night, the spectacular Eiffel Tower truly stands for all that is Paris.  Experience the breathtaking, panoramic views (if you can brave the long queues) from the lattice iron tower’s third platform, or the magic it evokes when glimpsed from afar, especially the moment it lights up. 

Pablo Ponce: Wandering Walls (work in progress)

Pablo Ponce: Wandering Walls (work in progress)

Pablo Ponce's Wandering Walls

Pablo Ponce's newest work, Wandering Walls, is a dynamic, multi-media installation that invites voyeuristic participation in a politically charged, public dreamscape. 

Photography by Peter DiCampo

Photography by Peter DiCampo

Amsterdam Hosts International Digital Storytelling Symposium

Through a wide program of lectures, presentations, debates and in-depth workshops, PhotoStories will expand participants’ visual storytelling toolbox with useful insights and skills for developing and distributing multimedia projects. 

Welcome to New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the most charming and authentic places in America—with an eccentric spirit and character that’s as colorful and spicy as its jazz and jambalaya. 

Arrival Video: New York

New York is a mecca of eclectic energy-a tangle of cabs, culture and chaos scattered across 300 square miles of grit, glitz and skyscrapers.

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AGILE NXT: Insights and Foresights for Your Next Step in Agile

A magazine chock-full of information and inspiration for professionals on the emerging Agile journey.

3 Things You Need to Make Your Business Trip Perfect (Our simple new booking tool packs them all)

Traveling for business can be a pleasure, especially when it goes smoothly. We’ve taken the work out of your business trip planning by making the booking part easy.  

Travel Guide for the Soul

Wanderings and wonderings on art, life and love. A personal travel blog.

Make Me Do What I Can: Achieving Your Creative Potential in Art School

The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “My chief want in life is for someone to make me do what I can.” As Europe’s largest art and design school, University of Arts, London (UAL) nurtures and challenges students to achieve their creative potential and launch their professional ambitions. 

Kissing the Muse:  Embrace Your Passions

In the same way that the Muse was called upon in the classical poetic tradition, we can invoke her energy today to create a life of art, love and adventure.

Art, Archetypes & Creative Process

This course explores the transformative power of archetypes in art and examines the artist’s creative process (or quest) through the universal mythic structure of the hero/heroine’s journey. 

Newsletter: Art & Ecology in Costa Rica

Students happily worked through steamy rainstorms and tropical sunshine,  facilitating workshops outside, in the classrooms, at tiendas, and by the sea.

Intermedia: Experimental Foundations in Artistic Practice

Intermedia is an experiential exploration of media, materials and interdisciplinary practices.  Building on a foundational structure from 2D-4D, students experiment with a variety of materials and methods to integrate and express personal, cultural and spiritual identities. 

New Releases: Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble

Get ready to tip, twist and turn again with Kirby Tilt “n” Tumble, for Game Boy Color.