Stories in Motion

Slick to gritty- this sampling shows a range of work in film, video and motion image.

This Life

A web commercial promoting Shutterfly's online photo management service. Produced by Robbyn McGill. Directed by Liam Gray.

Join the Revolution

Event video and web commercial produced for Juniper Networks. Produced by Robbyn McGill. Directed and written by Doug Green. 

Juniper Innovation Campaign

Product launch video and web commercial produced for Juniper Networks. Produced by Robbyn McGill. Directed by John McNeil. Written by Doug Green. 

Forklift Salesman

A commercial parody that ironically extols the virtues of cloud technology by hawking forklifts. Produced for Juniper Networks by Robbyn McGill. Directed by John McNeil. Written by Kirsten Lewis and Doug Green.

Beyond the Call

A hidden camera video that captures unwitting AAA tow truck drivers in the act of going above and beyond the call of duty. Produced by Robbyn McGill. Written and directed by Peter Rudy. 

Art of the Rescue

A "viral video" consisting of licensed internet video clips of heroes and helpers. Produced by Robbyn McGill. Written and directed by Dylan DiBona and Kirsten Lewis.

Robbyn's Old-School Reel

Clip montage from a collection of corporate and commercial productions spanning 1993-2006. Clients included Macy's, Northwest Airlines, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, H&R Block, The Sheraton Hotel, Commerce Bank, Rhythm & Motion Dance Company and more.

Extra Action Marching Band

A provocative profile on San Francisco's racy and raucous Extra Action Marching Band. Written, produced, directed and edited for Current TV.

Other Cinema

Featuring underground filmmaker             Craig Baldwin and his alternative            micro-cinema, this short explores the eclectic realm of experimental film. Written, produced, directed and edited for Current TV.

Sippin' Green Fairy

A little taste of Absinthe and its hallucinatory history.  Written, produced, directed and edited for Current TV. 

The Return of Digable Planets

Profile on Digable Planets'  comeback tour and sold out show at the Independent in San Francisco. Written and edited for Current TV.

Also Ran (excerpt)

A documentary about the California Recall Election, produced by first-time filmmakers, Gravitas Docufilms. My role was line producer/consultant.

Ghetto Gourmet

A profile on Oakland's wandering supper club, produced for Current TV.

The Day I Became Happier Than My Psychiatrist

Winner of the Judges Honorable Mention award (Humboldt Film Festival, 2006)  this experimental short employs hand-processed 16mm found-footage juxtaposed with live action. Produced and directed by Robbyn McGIll. Written by Catalina Troshev.


A psychological ride through a love-addicted mind, created with hand-painted, directly manipulated found film footage and sounds.

Spell to Catch a Firefly

A hand-painted 16mm film digitally transferred to video with a child's magnifying toy through a process akin to recording a sonogram. 

Fear of Falling

Hand-manipulated 16mm film images created for a performance collaboration. Inspired by James Dickey's Falling, a poem about a flight attendant who falls to her death over Kansas after being sucked out of airplane. 

Bathing with Lover (reprise)

A hand-processed 16mm film-reverie, set to the sounds of Dirty Three.