The Day I Became Happier Than My Psychiatrist

Winner of the Judges Honorable Mention award (Humboldt Film Festival, 2006) this experimental short employs hand-processed 16mm found-footage juxtaposed with live action. Produced and directed by Robbyn McGIll. Written by Catalina Troshev. 

Fear of Falling

Hand-manipulated film images created for a performance collaboration. Inspired by James Dickey's Falling, a poem about a flight who falls to her death over Kansas after being sucked out of an airplane.

Snake Charmer

 Something between a burlesque peepshow and a beckoning siren's song, this 16mm found footage land sound mash-up played as a video loop  in  a mixed-media installation,


A psychological ride through the love-addicted mind.  Created with hand-painted, directly manipulated found film footage, re-appropriated music and found sounds.

bathing with lover (reprise)

A hypnotic reverie set to the melancholic sounds of Dirty Three. Shot on 16mm film footage, hand-processed in a bathtub, and transferred to video.


Spell to Catch a Firefly

A hand-painted 16mm film digitally transferred to video with a child's magnifying toy through a process akin to recording a sonogram.