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"Robbyn is a gifted producer. She masterfully oversees budgets, negotiates with subcontractors and takes ownership of logistics with a confidence of style that makes it all seem easy."

-Liam Gray     Senior Art Director  Shutterfly

“Robbyn is just one of the best humans I know, which makes her an amazing writer. She grasps the task at hand and then takes it to a deeper level. She knew immediately how to help me take my film further.”

 - Brandon Green, Director | Editor

“Robbyn did wonderful work with Animals for Africa, inspiring with real impact. Her brain child changed lives.”

- Susan Turk, Executive Director,  Toronto Writers Collective

"With a background in arts and journalism, Robbyn is a perfect project partner. She's a great writer & creative collaborator. I highly recommend!"

Petra Groen,     Head of Fine Art AKI-ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design, Netherlands

“Robbyn has immense vision and is filled with passion for her work. Her many talents always lead to an abundance of new ideas and fresh perspectives.”

- Caroline Lovell, Founder, Women's Wisdom Initiative

From business blogs to cookbooks, white papers to websites, film productions to pop-up art exhibitions; I rework words, craft original content, and collaborate internationally to tell help you tell your story.

"Robbyn is fantastic! She is great to work with and can help transform the working lives of every artist and writer. Catch her now before her client list is full!"

Siobhan Wall.  Author | Artist  & Curator

"Equal parts crisis counselor, logistical guru and creative collaborator, Robbyn is the go-to producer for people trying to bring crazy ideas to life. You'll love her for her tireless drive, but you'll hire her for the rare combination of talents she brings to every project.”

-Peter Rudy, Writer Creative Director

“Robbyn is a talented writer and excels in both creative & management roles. She’s a pleasure to work with, and has a great sense of humor to boot.”

- D. Greenwood, Premier Retail Networks